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Cacklin’ Jack has spent a fair amount of time in the radio business, working on Hamish & Andy. Starting his career at 15, he has gone on to win Presenter Of The Year in 2007, working in commercial radio joining SCA.

Since then, he’s taken on a new role as Sidekick on the Christian O’Connel Breakfast Show, and started a band called Release The Sounds.

Jack also hosts and produces his own podcast Jacky Road Studios, where he interviews a guest then writes an original song based on something from that interview.

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“A Broken Guitar” with Jack Post

Jack Post joins us for Screenplay Sunday! Lots of high energy on today’s episode as we brainstorm potential sponsors for the show, do some subtle cross pollination of all the podcasts we produce and of course read through an original script! GB wrote this week’s screenplay, titled “A Broken Guitar”.