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Grace Peris/

Once a listener of The Daily Talk Show, now part of the family.

Episodes with Grace^


“Doin’ It With The Duggins Finale” – by Finn Happ & GB

It’s the thrilling season finale of Screenplay Sunday! Listener Finn Happ has sent GB script, which he slightly modified for the show. GB also has an exciting announcement regarding Josh’s Final Draft purchase!


“60 Minutes” with Julian Haig

Julian Haig is known for TV shows such as Riverdale and Retrograde. He joins us to read through Josh’s script titled “60 Minutes” and we also get to chat with his mum! Oh, and Tommy Jackett is also back!


“Caught On Camera” with Maria Angelico & Rhys Mitchell

Maria Angelico, known for television shows such as Sisters, Retrograde and Stateless joins us for Screenplay Sunday along with Rhys Mitchell! Rhys is known for award winning series such as Upper Middle Bogan, Barracuda and Glitch. Today we read through a script written by GB titled “Caught On Camera”.


“The Fiery Fans” with Simon Taylor

Simon Taylor joins us for Screenplay Sunday! Grace has written this week’s script titled “The Fiery Fans”. We also hear about Simon’s upcoming virtual comedy show and it’s Mr. 97’s 21st birthday!


“A Broken Guitar” with Jack Post

Jack Post joins us for Screenplay Sunday! Lots of high energy on today’s episode as we brainstorm potential sponsors for the show, do some subtle cross pollination of all the podcasts we produce and of course read through an original script! GB wrote this week’s screenplay, titled “A Broken Guitar”.


“Going To Bendigo” with Tully Smyth

Tully Smyth joins us for Screenplay Sunday! Josh has written this week’s script, titled “Going To Bendigo”. We also chat about getting our driver licenses and it’s Tully’s birthday today!


“A New Life For Dale” with Dan Ilic

Dan Ilic Joins us for Screenplay Sunday! We read through a script written by listener Andrew White titled “A New Life For Dale”. We also chat about his podcast A Rational Fear, the Don’t Start A Podcast sketch, Dan’s take on the national budget and climate action.


“Antarctica” with Hamish Blake

Hamish Blake joins us for this week’s table read! We hear about his table read experiences, clear the air with last week’s episode, read through GB’s script titled “Antarctica” and hear a few format suggestions from Hamish.


“F*ck Knows” by Jessica Lucas

We read through an original script written by Jess Lucas, propose vocal training for Mason and workshop a few ideas for the future of the podcast.