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Dan Ilic/

Dan is one of the most prominent voices in the Australian media landscape. Working alongside Andrew Denton, Dan hosted ABC’s hit satirical comedy program, Hungry Beast.

Dan has also worked at Al Jazeera as the senior satire producer, as well as being the executive producer of satire for Fusion Media Group, and the executive producer on ABC’s comedy sketch show Tonightly.

Recently, Dan has brought back his former ABC Radio National show, A Rational Fear, in a podcast and live show format, featuring guests like Kate McClymont, Ben Fordham, Alice Workman, Ray Martin, and Lewis Hobba.

Dan Ilic on Twitter: https://twitter.com/danilic

Dan’s website: http://www.danilic.com/

A Rational Fear: https://www.facebook.com/ARationalFear/

Episodes with Dan^


“A New Life For Dale” with Dan Ilic

Dan Ilic Joins us for Screenplay Sunday! We read through a script written by listener Andrew White titled “A New Life For Dale”. We also chat about his podcast A Rational Fear, the Don’t Start A Podcast sketch, Dan’s take on the national budget and climate action.