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G’day! I’m Josh Janssen. I combine thinking and doing. Strategy and production. Ideas and execution. Over the past decade, I’ve worked towards understanding the creative process, where I fit in it, and how my teammates, clients, and collaborators can get the most out of the work we do. I’ve had the pleasure of using my skill set in video production, storytelling, community and strategy to help people become better communicators. I love geeking out in the platforms, the technology, and the tools, whilst understanding their context in the framework of connecting with audiences and making an impact. I’ve spent a lot of time behind the camera. Worked for technology company, Envato, where I produced, filmed and edited a twenty-part video series around the world, filmed A-list celebrities as a Digital Content Producer for a national drive radio show and helped hundreds of clients through my production companies, MediaFlex, and Full Stack Films. I’m a problem solver that loves asking questions and learning.