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“Doin’ It With The Duggins Finale” – by Finn Happ & GB

It’s the thrilling season finale of Screenplay Sunday! Listener Finn Happ has sent GB script, which he slightly modified for the show. GB also has an exciting announcement regarding Josh’s Final Draft purchase!

Podcast Reviews

Nice and light for a Sunday! So funny too... I was in stitches! This podcast will def become part of my Sunday routine 👌🏻
Oddly soothing - I find this show to be really funny and comforting all at once! Great job guys x

About Screenplay Sunday

Screenplay Sunday is the show where each week we bring together a different cast to read through part of an original screenplay.

As the story and characters evolve, so do we, learning from industry experts and our own mistakes. Follow us on our journey every Sunday as we make our way through an original screenplay.


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